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Dani's Balanced Dogs

Helping Dogs by Helping Humans

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What We Do

Dog Training, Canine Psychology and Rehabilitation


1-2-1 Puppy Training 

Giving your new family member the best start
£40 ph

At DBD we are passionate about positive reinforcement training and creating a happy and balanced puppy

Our puppy training typically covers, but is not limited to:

  • The positive training mindset

  • Typical puppy behaviours and redirection

  • Designing and Implementing House Rules and Boundaries 

  • Positive Play and the social rules 

  • Toilet Training, Crate Training and managing Separation Anxiety

  • Basic Obedience Commands

  • Walking to heel and ignoring distration

1-2-1 Adult Dog Training and Behavioural Assessments 

Because it's never too late to teach and old dog new tricks

My training style is based on positive reinforcement and taking advantage of nature's basic instincts. With training and rehabilitation, repetition is key to creating a new behaviour. For me, this means a focus on also educating the owner (and at times the whole pack at home) as well as working with the dogs one to one. 

Typical behaviours we support owners with are:

  • Anxiety (separation, dog-dog aggression, human aggression, household appliances, travel)

  • Behaviour in Public (walking to heel, ignoring distractions, introductions to other dogs and people, recall)

  • In Home Behaviours (visitor etiquette, stealing food and household items, barking and territorial behaviour)


Pack Walks (TM)

FREE Social Club to support positive socialisation

I created the Pack Walks as a way to bring the local dog community together, offer advice and watch the doggies make new best friends!

They take place on an ad-hoc basis in both Weston-Super-Mare and Cheddar and are open to dogs of all ages and training to date

We are a warm and inclusive group, who welcome reactive dogs and can support you on your rehabilitation journey

Walks are both on and off-lead, depending on the comfort level of the group that attend


Cheddar - Mondays at 6pm, meeting outside The Bath Arms Hotel

Wells - Thursdays at 6:30pm, meeting outside Morrisons


I am now offering small group pack walks (max 5 dogs) for those poochies that would benefit from extra socialisation. £15 per hour 

1-2-1 & Family Video Training

Not based in Somerset, but still want to train with Dani?
£40ph for pups under 6 months, £50ph for dogs 6months+

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected all everyone around the world. 

Whilst I wasnt able to see people and doggies in person, DBD needed to adapt and overcome to offer a new service to not only our existing Pack Members, but new Pack Members across the globe. 

Typically facilitated through WhatsApp or Zoom, DBD is now offering 1-2-1 or Family video consultations. These calls can cover a range of behaviours, from puppy training and preparation, all the way through to protective behaviours or dog-dog aggression. 


About Dani

3 months before I was born my mum bought a Golden Retriever. Whilst people said that she was taking on quite a challenge with a puppy and a newborn and a 3 year old, but her challenge became my education. Growing up with Penny as part of our pack has shaped who I am today and helped me to become both a dog lover and an effective pack leader.

I am a Londoner born and bred and previously had a successful career in Marketing and Sports Sponsorship. However, after 6 years in the corporate world my mental health was suffering and I decided to break away to pursue a career that I could be truly passionate about and where I can change the lives of both people and dogs.  

I live in Cheddar, North Somerset and am LOVING the West Country life with my husband and 2 dogs of my own, Milo (Golden Retriever) and Red (Fox Red Labrador) who often come to training sessions with me.  When I am not out with the Pack I can usually be found out on a Motorhome Adventure or Paddleboarding with the boys. 

I am always happiest around family, friends and out and about in our wonderful British countryside. 


Happy Pack Members

Here’s What They’re Saying

We have worked with Dani since we first got our BullDane Goose and then his cousin Ripley. Her knowledge is fantastic and she always makes training fun. After an initial trianing programme to lean the basics, we now work on an as-of-when basis and her advice always works! Most importantly Goose and Ripley LOVE her

Amanda, Goose & Ripley

After 3 1-2-1 sessions with Dani, I feel like I have got my dog back. I take ownership of a large breed very seriously and had become concerned that he may react with smaller and livelier dogs. Dani has helped me to read and understand my dog and realise that he is in fact a very calm boy and it was my anxiety that needed addressing.

Susan & The Giant Shnauzer

Dani has always been professional and lovely. She has helped us to transform out rescue dog from being over excited, ball obsessed with no recall to calm, happy and running free on her walks. We have learnt so much in the process and have taught our dog things we never thought that we would be able to.

Nicole, Michael & Lola

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Cheddar, North Somerset


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