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Happy Pack Members

Here’s What They’re Saying

We have worked with Dani since we first got our BullDane Goose and then his cousin Ripley. Her knowledge is fantastic and she always makes training fun. After an initial trianing programme to lean the basics, we now work on an as-of-when basis and her advice always works! Most importantly Goose and Ripley LOVE her

Amanda, Goose & Ripley

After 3 1-2-1 Sessions with Dani, I feel like I have got my dog back. I take ownership of a large breed very seriously and had become concered that he may react with smaller and livelier dogs. Dani has helped me to read and understand my dog and realise that he is in fact a very calm boy and it was my anxiety that needed addressing

Susan & The Giant Shnauzer

Dani has always been professional and lovely. She has helped us to transform our rescue dog from being over excited, ball obsessed with no recall, to calm, happy and running free on her walks. We have learnt so much in the process and have taught our dog things we never thought that we would be able to

Nicole, Michael & Lola

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