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What we do

Dog Training, Psychology and Rehabilitation


1-2-1 Puppy Training

Giving your new family member the best start

At DBD we are passionate about positive reinforcement training and creating a happy and balanced puppy

Our puppy training typically covers, but is not limited to:

  • The positive training mindset

  • Typical puppy behaviours and redirection

  • Designing and Implementing House Rules and Boundaries 

  • Positive Play and the social rules 

  • Toilet Training, Crate Training and managing Separation Anxiety

  • Basic Obedience Commands

  • Walking to heel and ignoring distration

1-2-1 Adult Dog Training and Behavioural Assessment 

Because you can teach an old dog new tricks

My training style is based on positive reinforcement and taking advantage of nature's basic instincts. With training and rehabilitation, repetition is key to creating a new behaviour. For me, this means a focus on also educating the owner (and at times the whole pack at home) as well as working with the dogs one to one. 

Typical behaviours we support owners with are:

  • Anxiety (separation, dog-dog aggression, human aggression, household appliances, travel)

  • Behaviour in Public (walking to heel, ignoring distractions, introductions to other dogs and people, recall)

  • In Home Behaviours (visitor etiquette, stealing food and household items, barking and territorial behaviour)


Pack Walks

FREE social club to support positive socialisation

I created the Pack Walks as a way to bring the local dog community together, offer advice and watch the doggies make new best friends!

They take place on an ad-hoc basis in both Weston-Super-Mare and Cheddar and are open to dogs of all ages and training to date

We are a warm and inclusive group, who welcome reactive dogs and can support you on your rehabilitation journey

Walks are both on and off-lead, depending on the comfort level of the group that attend

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