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About Dani

3 months before I was born my mum bought a Golden Retriever. Whilst people said that she was taking on quite a challenge with a puppy and a newborn and a 3 year old, but her challenge became my education. Growing up with Penny as part of our pack has shaped who I am today and helped me to become both a dog lover and an effective pack leader.


I am a Londoner born and bread and previously had a successful career in Marketing and Sports Sponsorship. However, after 6 years in the corporate world my mental health was suffering and I decided to break away to pursue a career that I could be truly passionate about and where I can change the lives of both people and dogs.  

I live in Cheddar, North Somerset and am LOVING the West Country life with my husband and 2 dogs of my own, Milo (Golden Retriever) and Red (Fox Red Labrador) who often come to training sessions with me.  When I am not out with the Pack I can usually be found out on a Motorhome Adventure or Paddleboarding with the boys. 

I am always happiest around family, friends and out and about in our wonderful British countryside. 

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